Why Get a 14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring in Dallas?

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An engagement ring is not only an item, it is a representation of a man ready to commit to the woman he wants to live with for the rest of his life, that’s what makes it special. Because of this, a man needs to be able to get the perfect ring for his partner. Engagement rings have become customary and jewelers have been continuously creating designs that can please their customers. Every design is beautiful, that’s why choosing has become more challenging. But if you are from Dallas then one type of engagement rings that stores offer is the 14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring.   14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring in Dallas has been attracting customers because of its characteristics. Take a look at the details that might help you consider getting this as your choice for an engagement ring. 

Advantages of 14k White Gold 

More Affordable 

Compared with 18k Gold, 14k Gold is less expensive. Opting for 14k is better since they only have a slight difference when it comes to price with an 18k gold setting.

It’s Durable

14k white gold settings are made up of 58.3 pure gold and the rest are metals. This composition makes it more harder and durable compared with an 18k gold setting which would be more prone to getting scratch because it is softer. Golds are soft by nature that’s why they need to be mixed with metals to shape them and make them more sturdy. A 14k gold setting will be ideal if your partner is an active person, she doesn’t have to worry too much about damaging her ring when she works around. 

Better Color 

14k white gold has better color since it can complement diamonds better. This color is closest to any shade of diamond that’s why people love it. Another thing will be, once it comes to fashion this color never gets outdated and it’s getting trendy now. 

Compliments Fair Skin tone

If your partner is fair-skinned then white gold is perfect to match her color. Not only her skin color but also matches with any color of outfit. Women love to dress up and they make sure their jewelry matches with their fashion clothes. 

Flexible Design 

14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring might have a vintage look but have you noticed old fashions are getting back. Wearing this kind of ring can make your partner trendy since these designs are coming back to life. Customized designs are also offered by jewelers. You can make your own design and come up with your version of the 14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring. You can retain the carat and shape but you can accessorize it with some stones to make it more personalized.  

Tarnish Free

Most yellow gold tarnish when not taken care of properly, it requires cleaning and maintenance to retain its yellow color. For white gold, they indeed need polish but will not tarnish or rust. It is easy to retain its color with just a little polish. Maintenance of jewelry is also important to make it last longer. That’s why color choice is important, if you can get a white gold that won’t require too much maintenance then it’s a good catch. 

Perfect Match For Diamonds

White gold can increase the brilliancy of diamonds because they compliment each other’s shade. White gold is shiny and clear and it can ignite the diamond’s sparkle. Women love rings that sparkle, therefore this will be a good choice to get as an engagement ring. Ring design combination with setting should perfectly match to be able to have a stunning engagement ring.  

These are the advantages if you choose the 14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring as your engagement ring. You can use these details as your guide in getting the perfect engagement ring for your partner, if you opt to get a ready-made 14k White Gold Round Antique Engagement Ring in Dallas then that will be perfect. What’s good about getting a ready-made engagement ring is you don’t have to be troubled about every detail of the ring since it is already provided and it will be explained to you by your jeweler. Certifications will also be given to prove the authenticity of the engagement ring you will purchase.