Shopping For Extra Seating With a Pouf

Shopping For Extra Seating With a Pouf

A sofa pouf is one of the newest forms of couch cushioning that recently hit the consumer market. It was designed by a company based out of Holland, the Netherlands. Although initially developed as a children’s seat, it has seen a rise in popularity as an attractive and useful seating piece. So what exactly is a sofa pouf, and how does it differ from traditional foam padding? Well, a sofa pouf is different from a footstool in that it’s not solely used for standing on, but instead typically functions like a low seated or a footstool, being used as either a hand rest or a low seating option.

Modern Sofa

Aside from the fact that a pouf can be used in various functional ways, modern pouf also provides additional seating options for extra seating in a room and being a handy place to store small items. Most modern sofa sets will include a small side table. This is typically used as an extra seating option whenever guests arrive but can also store items, such as books or toys. Because it’s small, the side table doesn’t take up much space, so small children or pets don’t have to crowd around it as they would have if there were a large, permanent footrest sitting on the floor.

When it comes to practical uses, poufs provide a soft, comfy surface to sit on, allowing guests to relax, play, or rest. Some people prefer to use them as an area to rest drinks, particularly coffee, or to keep their glasses from spilling as they may when using a traditional foam sofa. If you choose to use your Pouf as a coffee table, one of the advantages of modular coffee tables is removing and replacing the legs on your sofa without removing the entire couch itself. The addition of a removable pouf is an easy way to extend seating into a room that doesn’t have a lot of space. Poufs are a great addition to other areas, such as a side table, since they add interest and can be used in several ways.

Poufs can also be useful in the bedroom, mostly if you use a modular coffee table to provide an extra seating area. If you are interested in adding poufs to your bedroom, then consider the following three benefits: the comfort offered by the Pouf, the additional seating, and the ease of the open shelf on which you can store items. If you have a bed with drawers, you will find that adding a Pouf will make it more comfortable and enhance its functionality. Likewise, if you have a chest of drawers or dressers that you would like to dress with your favorite blankets or curtains, then a Pouf will allow you to dress them up without taking up a considerable amount of extra space.

When shopping for extra seating, consider using modular furniture such as the modular coffee table. Modular furniture pieces are designed to coordinate with each other so that they enhance each other’s functionality. This is true with most modular parts; the footrest, for example, comes in a set of three pieces, but when you add the Pouf to that set, it creates a much more comfortable seating arrangement. Also, consider adding Poufs to your bedroom. Since a Pouf is generally long enough, you will easily add it to a side table or dresser. Adding the Pouf to your dresser will allow it to function as an extra seating area without taking up any additional room.

Poufs can also be used to add extra seating to high, tall spaces. A Pouf can easily be added under a high dresser or nightstand, which will give it a dual purpose. You can also use the footrest of the Ottoman for sitting on while watching a movie. If you are shopping for an Ottoman with an Ottoman base and a footrest, consider looking for those that come equipped with a matching ottoman footstool. The matching Ottoman and footstools often come with a built-in footrest, allowing for easy access to the foot. Pouf bases are available with or without feet, and you may even be able to purchase an Ottoman with a built-in footrest that matches your existing Ottoman.