Combine Knitwear In Fall

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Although it has suddenly reached some parts of UK, an intense heat, Autumn has been with us for a couple of weeks, so I am going to explain how to combine knitwear so that you can take advantage of them.

The temperature drops begin, at least that should happen, and of course, seasonal garments arrive, in which knitted sweaters are not lacking, and although in Summer, on the coolest nights we have already enjoyed them, it is now when they take their true prominence and appear in our closet standing up as the true protagonists.

Sweaters and cardigans are going to occupy a good part of the autumn outfits, and I, you already know that lately I have given myself to go to low cost stores, I want to take advantage and show you the capsule collection that fear of god essentials hoodie online store has launched all of garments of point. There are different types of jerseys that we will take advantage of and jackets that will protect us from drops in temperature.

I start by talking about the round neck knitted sweaters, a garment of the most versatile and timeless, this type of sweaters can be combined with a dress shirt if you want to create a formal look, or with a casual and jeans to reduce the formality of the outfit. Round neck sweaters are ideal for attending a business meeting with a modern and relaxed look.

One of the collars that I like the most, due to its ease of combination and its versatility, is the boat neck, also known as a half-point collar, which can be combined with a T-shirt, shirt, polo shirt or with nothing under it, depending on From what you choose, your style will vary a lot, from the most formal to the most casual, you will only have to properly choose accessories and pants.

A collar that has been worn a lot for a few seasons in knitwear is the tuxedo collar, in my opinion the most complicated to combine, because it has a lot of character by itself, but if it is not washed and ironed well, over time it is taking slack and it looks really bad … Try combining it with a shirt or a polo if you are going to wear a casual look.

The V-neck or V-neck knit sweater is characterized by having a lower cut, making it the ideal garment to wear with a buttoned shirt. An impeccable look because otherwise you will go through a bit of a “cattail”, this style is only suitable for the most daring dandies. This type of collar looks great if we combine it with a round neck T-shirt.

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Last but not least are cardigans or cardigans, essential garments during autumn, we can find them in thick knit, eights, braided, with button closures, in alamares.

The good thing is that there are many types of cardigans; the bad thing is that when combining them it is not easy at all, because they only look good with some shirts or a well-chosen shirt. These jackets are halfway between a casual and a formal style, so they are ideal to wear in daytime outfits.

Now, with this little review of knitted sweaters, you only have to go looking in the shop windows, enter, start to try on and choose which style is the one that suits you best, always letting you advise someone who likes fashion. You’ll see that with a pair of these sweaters you can make a few combinations that will get you out of more than one hurry.