Clothing items that made a comeback because of celebrities

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In this day and age, the information goes around at tremendous speeds, with influencers, celebrities, gurus, and so on being in the spotlight for a long time. Due to this, trends are changing, opinions and forming and, why not, fashion undergoes alterations as well. Whether it is your favorite singer, or a character from a TV show, or simply a public person whose style you admire, I’m positive you looked up to them at least once when it comes to what they were wearing. Not much to one’s surprise, there are some items that have seen a rebirth due to such people. Here are a number of them. 

The newsboy’s hats

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Though you may not exactly know what they are called, you must have seen quite a few of them worn by gentlemen around the world. They have been popularized by the famous show “Peaky Blinders”. Set in the 1900’s England, specifically Birmingham, this show was first aired in 2013, and it is rated a staggering 8.8 on The main characters, the so-called “Peaky Blinders”, are a criminal gang whose trademark weapon is considered to be these specific hats, to which they added hidden blades inside the brim. Though the infamous gang’s deeds are deemed unlawful, their style is nothing of the sort (except for the blades part, of course). Due to their style, the newsboy’s hats, also known as Irish flat caps, have recently seen an increase in demand. They can fit any person’s style, whether you want to pair them with a monochrome suit or a casual outfit. Nevertheless, we have to thank Peaky Blinders for revamping this item.

The Aran sweater

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This one has seen a more recent rise because of Taylor Swift’s recent album, for which she posed while wearing this Irish garment. The Irish sweater is a more versatile item, and it can be worn by men and women alike. Its comfort and coziness are only matched by its intricate history. Originating from the western islands of Ireland (the Aran Islands, which the jumper is named after), this garment was initially worn by the local fishermen, and it was handmade from a special type of yarn. Some say that the patterns on the pullovers represented a clan’s identification method, but these are widely viewed as speculations. What we do know about Irish sweaters, though, is that they represented luck, prosperity, and successfulness, depending on the knit patterns. If this made you look into the subject more, or perhaps even convinced you to buy one yourself, Irish sweaters can be found here at Tara Irish Clothing– a great place for Irish Aran sweaters lovers.

The deerstalker hat

It is elementary, dear readers, that one should always associate this type of hat with none other than famous detective Sherlock Holmes. With the TV series aired in 2010 by BBC, the deerstalker hat made an amazing comeback, being a part of the Holy Trinity of the detective gear, alongside the pipe and the magnifying glass. Even in the series, the importance of the hat is marked by John Watson, impeccably played by Martin Freeman, through his blog posts, and by him saying that the blog readers “love the hat”, much to Sherlock’s aversion. Compared to the two items presented before, the deerstalker hat is not necessarily actively worn by a large number of people, being more of a niche product. Nonetheless, one simply cannot disapprove of the impact it had on depicting detectives or policemen both in the public eye and in works of literary and cinematic art.