All the times Kate Middleton proved she’s a fashion icon for modern times

Timelessly elegant, thrifty and always balancing trends with tradition, here are a few reasons why Kate Middleton has become the global fashion phenomenon she is today…

There is no denying The Duchess Of Cambridge has become a national treasure. Not only because of her duties as member of The Royal Family but because of her style choices too.

Being voted one of the most influential fashion icons in 2020, it’s fair to say she has pitched herself firmly up there with other famous ladies such as the likes of Jackie O and her late Mother-In-Law Princess Diana.

Kate was always going to find it hard to follow in Diana’s footsteps, as her fashion icon status is renowned around the world, but she’s done a pretty good job.

As a result ‘Thrifty Kate’, ‘Kate The Great’ and ‘The Kate Effect’ are all terms that are now regularly associated with Kate’s style choices and global fashion influence.

But why has she become such a modern icon of her times? Well, not only does she never step out of line with royal dressing protocol, always dresses with an air of class and elegance.

But she mixes trend-led designer pieces with gorgeous high street looks, meaning avid fans can steal her style without having a royal bank balance.

This thrifty royal isn’t shy of recycling her favourite looks either, often wearing her expensive dresses more than once. It’s no wonder the Duchess has secured her icon style status.

Let’s take a look at some of most iconic fashion moments to date…